atticus orsborn - private voice coach

who is atticus orsborn?

Hi, I’m Atticus Orsborn! I’m a voice coach who curates and teaches individually tailored courses in elocution and accent reduction. For more information, read more about me here. Alternatively, you can book now by clicking below, no payment necessary to reserve your slot!

Primarily, I am a private voice, speech and accent coach who has tutored numerous clients from all over the world across all work sectors. However, I also work as an actor and writer within the theatre industry in London. As a coach, I am a warm and engaging character who likes to balance hard work and dedication with a relaxed attitude. I believe that, as a coach, empathy and nuance are essential characteristics. Therefore, I work very hard to individualise my lessons to each student’s specific needs, no two courses I run are the same. So, if you’re looking for reputable and specified training that can respond to your requests, you are in the right place!

do i need a voice coach?

Throughout history but especially right now, in our age of rapid globalisation, speaking has always been an essential skill wherever you are. Consequently, it is important to train that skill as you would any other. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to give yourself constructive and accurate feedback with regards to speech. However, a voice coach, if they’re as good as me, have a trained ear, very specific set of knowledge and experience of finding creative solutions to form new speech habits, remove anxiety and communicate with absolute clarity.

If you’re someone who is looking to; find clarity and confidence in speech and unlock the potential of their voice for professional or personal reasons you probably do need a voice coach. Together we can get you speaking how you’ve always wanted to.

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