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how does communication training work?

I privately coach personalised communication courses in person in London or online via Zoom, Skype or Google Meetings. Speech training has helped millions of people throughout history, including myself, find command and confidence in speech. Following five years of the highest standard of training up to Masters level I have a rounded knowledge of many tried and tested training techniques, from Linklater technique to Taoist voice practice. If you want to learn to use your voice as a tool and stop seeing it as an obstacle, you’re in the right place!

speech training methodology and process


In our first session, we will discuss and identify your specific goals. Then, I will detail a strategy to achieve those goals. All the following features will be considered as I teach you. However, we will prioritise different features at different times according to my recommendation:


1. Body: posture, movement, muscle tension, vocal tract sensation, health and exercise.

2. Breath: placing and control.
3. Channel: face, lips, jaw, tongue, soft palate, pharyngeal, paryngeal.
4. Phonation: qualities of phonation, phonatory stamina, onset.
5. Resonance: features of head, oral and chest resonant quality, focus of oral placing.
6. Pitch: centre, range and intonation patterns/variety.
7. Loudness: overall volume of speech, variety and control, and use in emphasis.
8. Articulation: consonant and vowel clarity, pace, pause, fluency, rhythm.


Typically, to achieve a strong sense of improvement, I recommend taking 10 one hour coaching sessions on a weekly basis. However, this depends on the individual and I do take single bookings as well. All enquiries are welcome.


Via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts

  • From the comfort of your own home

In Person

London, Hampstead (NW3 2QX)

  • Current enhanced DBS background check
Elocution Lessons Graphic

Throughout my career, professionals across numerous sectors have had communication training with myself. From doctors to architects to actors, all have expressed total satisfaction with my coaching. To clarify, working with me will help you to fill rooms with your voice, capture people’s attention and show off your natural charisma (yes you do have natural charisma, we all do). Above all, it is very important to me that each student discovers the full potential of their voice. When you think about it, we have to speak so often. Consequently, when talking makes you feel inadequate and self-conscious, it’s a nightmare. Instead, discover a way to use speech to always feel powerful, competent and satisfied.

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