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speech training with a skilled voice coach tailored to your needs:

I am a flexible voice coach who understands the need for specificity in adult education. Therefore, all of my courses are specifically tailored to each individual. However, most requests can be classified as either elocution lessons or accent reduction classes. Despite this, I am more than happy to combine both aspects of training into a personalised course. So, please take a look around the site to get more info and figure out what you want exactly.

To read more specified information on each pathway, click on the relevant image above. Alternatively, get in touch here and detail your individual needs in an enquiry or go ahead and make a booking! There are zero cancellation fees and payment is not required to confirm your booking.

voice coach for professional development

We all use our voices for substantial parts of the working day but can take for granted the command we possess over our instrument. You may feel like you could speak with greater authority over the telephone, command a stronger presence in meetings or more consistently motivate your colleagues or employees. In all of these situations, your voice plays a key role in making a powerful impact on your listeners.

Some of the most common turn-offs to an audience listening to a dull and uninspiring speaker are:

– A monotone voice.

– A lack of expressivity or engagement.

– A voice that is too quiet.

– A voice that lacks emphasis.

Firstly, you need to speak with energy and enthusiasm if you want your audience to want to listen to your every word. To achieve this, I can teach you various techniques to make your speech more expressive and engaging. Also, if the audience can’t hear you they will switch off very quickly. To avoid this, you don’t need to shout. Instead, you need to learn how to project your voice. Your true, unhindered voice is completely achievable and I can show you how to find it!

voice coach for personal development

Alternatively, you may want to unlock the potential of your voice for personal reasons. Whether you want to be a stronger and more positive influence on your family, be more respected and listened to amongst peers or discover more self confidence, I can help you. Importantly, we must overcome our fears to achieve what we want. With this in mind, if your fear of speech is holding you back from living your truth, get in touch or make a booking and reclaim your voice.

In conclusion, a voice coach can help you achieve the professional development you deserve. Voice coaching from myself will help you you to discover your true voice, develop your own vocal strengths and thus communication with greater influence in all situations.


Typically, to achieve a strong sense of improvement, I recommend taking 10 one hour coaching sessions on a weekly basis. However, I do take single bookings as well. All enquiries are welcome.


Via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts

  • From the comfort of your own home

In Person

London, Hampstead (NW3 2QX)

  • Current enhanced DBS background check

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